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Healthy Eating

Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition!

It is very important for a dancer to have all the proper nutrients in his/her diet. When i say the word "diet" i dont meat to lose weight, i mean the food intake that you have everyday so it is very important not to get this confused. Before i get into details here are a few basic things just anyone needs to remember:
A.) Always, Always eat breakfast. Breakfast is the meal that starts off your day, if you dont eat breakfast then how can you have energy until lunch time? That would be a long time with out food when you think about it. (your last meal is supper at lets say 6:00 you go to sleep at 10:00 that already 4hrs without food then you sleep until 7:00 thats another 9hrs then lunch finally at 12:00, another 5hrs. Sooooo 4+9+5=18.......18hrs!! with out food!!) Just eat breakfast!
B.) The next thing most would say is "exercise" but unlike them we are dancers who already get plenty of exercise. Just take some time everyday to do a series of exercises (see "Exercise" Page for ideas) to aid in flexibility and strenght.
C.) Drink LOT'S of water. We are dancers so we sweat more than non-dancers or non-athletes soo we need to drink even more water.
So thats about it for the basic things to know before we get into the details soooo here we go....:

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