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When starting to tap dance, here are some things that will help you soooooo much! If you do this, the steps will be so much easier and you'll learn to dance A LOT better!

**Always Dance on your TOES!***
-This doesn't mean that your dancing en' pointe! This just means that you don't tap dance flat footed- you dance sort of like you're standing on your tippy-toes. The sound is so much cleaner and has a lot better noise then the flat-footed sound.

***Always LISTEN to the MUSIC!***
-Some people I know don't do this and just do the steps to their own beat and are completely off! You need to listen to the music...FEEL the Music!!! :] Dance with the don't want to be the first person to do the step and be ahead or behind of everyone else. You want to be "One with the Music" and your fellow dancers. :D

***Never, Ever Get Discouraged.***
-Don't ever get discouraged! You can do it- it takes practice and time. No one can just put on the shoes and dance like Shirley Temple...unless they have magical tap shoes or something...but anyway :]... If you are determined to become a good tap dancer, then just have fun and dance! Practice and put on some fun music. You always want to have a good want to enjoy it!