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Healthy Eating

You've decided where you're going to audition, you've taken your pictures, gotten all of your letters...but what do you do when the day of the audition finally arrives? Here's a fool-proof guide to the days we've all been preparing for!!

1. Breakfast
-What you eat for breakfast depends on your preferences.
If you dance well on a full stomach:
I'd suggest a breakfast high in carbohydrates, such
as pancakes, toast, or cereal. This will give you
the energy boost you want for your class!
If you dance well on an empty stomach:
DON'T skip breakfast! You're going to need
energy for the class! I'd suggest a light meal,
such as a smoothie or some toast.
(for smoothie recipies see "recipe" page)
2. What To Wear
-Double check with the program you're auditioning for to see if they have any attire requirements. Most programs require a dark leotard, footed tights, and your hair pulled up out of your face.
-You may think that wearing a brighter leotard will help you stand out to the judges. However, it will probably just hurt their eyes. Refrain from anything flashy, the judges will see you regardless of what you wear.
-Avoid wearing new slippers, pointes or leotards for the audition. They may look pretty, but they will only make you uncomfortable.

3. Packing Up
Here's a list of things you may want to pack up.
-Extra leotard
-Extra tights (in case of rips or runs)
-Pointe shoes (if not specified, bring them anyway)
-Toenail clippers
-Toe tape
-Warm-ups (if they help you stretch, you most likely won't be able to wear them during class)
-Extra bobby-pins and hair spray
-Water bottle
-Tampon or Pads (better safe than sorry!)
-Arabesque picture & letters of recommendation (if necessary)
-Energy bars or snacks

4. Arrival
-Be sure to arrive at the audition site at least 30 mins. before the audition starts, but an hour prior is recommended.
-Large auditions such as SAB, ABT or SFB tend to be crowded, so you may want to get there early to guarantee a good spot at the audition. However, these large programs hold extra auditions if there is an overflow of dancers.
-While you're waiting for the audition to start, you can stretch or relax.

5. Nerves
-You may be nervous leading up to the audition, especially if it is your first one.
-My no-fail way to calm my nerves is to stretch. Just keep stretching in every way possible. For some reason it calms you down, relieves your stress and makes you feel more prepared.
-Also, you could meditate. This is what I always tell people to do. Sit and relax, close your eyes, and just clear your mind. Take slow, deep breaths. It really works!

6. During the Class
-Always remember that during the audition, every girl in that room is nervous too, just like you. Keep your confidence high, and the judges will notice.
-A typical audition class consists of a full barre and center, and sometimes they also have pointe. Check with the program you're auditioning for to see if they require pointe work in the audition.
-Dont forget to SMILE!! You have to make it seem like you're having the time of your life. If you look happy, the judges will be happy too!
-Don't hesitate to ask questions during the class. They are not only looking for the most talented dancers, but the most curious!
-Drink lots of water! A dehydrated dancer doesn't perform at his or her best!
-Last but not least, have fun!!

7. Results
-The time it takes to receive the results of your audition varies from program to program.
-Generally, results are sent to you from 1 1/2 weeks after the audition to one month after the audition