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Need any help finding dancewear? There are many links below so start clicking and have fun!!!!

First off...Supply stores:
1.  my favorite place to shop, always get stuff here, good prices, very reliable
2.  a lot like discount dance
3.  huge selection of pointe shoes, huge tutu selection
4.  low priced leos, popular brands of ballet slippers, not huge selection of pointes, bloch, freed, capezio
5.  huge collection of sansha pointes, quality looking dancewear, reasonable prices
6.  nice selection of leos and other accessories
7.  low prices leos, tops, bottoms
8. popular selection of pointe shoes, really cool leotards
9.  good selection of pointe shoes, ballet slippers, many low priced leos
10.  lot’s of pointe shoes,low priced leos,lot’s of brands
11.  looks to be no pointe shoes, limited selection online, call number for more items
12.  popular shoe names, typical dancewear
13.  dance and skate wear
14.  brand name cheap leos, reasonably priced shoes
15.  shoes seem rather expensive but most are in Canadian dollar so use the convertor to determine prices
16.  reasonable prices, did not find pointe shoes
17. bloch, capezio, chacott, and freed pointe shoes, name brand low priced leos
18.  tutus, cheap dancewear, no shoes
19.  3 styles of pointes, many ballet flats, cheap tights, no leos
20.  capezio pointes, DeLuco and Capezio dancewear
21. . . . ballet barres, uniform leotards, Grishko Vaganova and Fouette pointe shoes, satin slippers, seems to be nice site
22. unique custom made dancewear
23. not so accredited since those terrible pointe shoes surfaced on this site, you can be the judge of this one
24.  pointe shoes, preferred pointe shoe program, low priced leos
25.  basic dancewear, 4 soft ballet styles
26. own brand of shoes, tights that match shoes
27.  lots of tight styles, small selection of leos, Capezio, Bloch, Sansha slippers
28. . stocks Wear Moi products
29.  limited selection
30.  Make sure to click on dancewear. Not big selection of much
31.  Limited selection of ballet and pointe shoes, cheap tights, pretty cheap leos
32.  custom made tutus
33.  Not for people in the US or Canada but other countries should be ok
34.  custom made tutus

Specific Brand name stores:
35.  Eurotard’s site
36.  Leos’ site
37.  Mirella’s site
38. . . . Wear Moi’s Site
39. Watercolour Dancewear’s site
40. . . . items are “Katz” brand
41. ByMarisa’s site
42.  Body Wrappers site
43. Marcea’s site, bodywear
44.  Danskin’s site
45. . Capezio’s site
46.  a Capezio site
47.  Capezio’s dance factory outlet site
48.  Grishko’s site
49.  Mondor’s site
50.  Natalie’s site
51. Prima Soft’s site
52. Sansha’s site
53.  Bunhead’s site
54.  Bloch’s site
55.  Freed’s site
56.  Harmonie’s site
57.  Sade Bodywear’s site