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Sarah C


 I started dancing in ballet lessons when I was 3 years old. I was moved into an intenstive program of ballet and jazz when I was 6. We always put on an end of the year show for our parents, and we did a few demos around the area to get more people interested. By teh time I turned 14 we were a competitive troupe that did ballet jazz and lyrical. But our school was only a small one, as we were a recreational program at the Sackville Sports Stadium, so we didn't have the funding to continue on with it. We all split up and each went our seperate ways. I went to a few different schools around my area, but I missed the competitions, so I decided I needed to find a dance school that competed that I could join. That's when I found the Lauri Morash School of Dance. It is the most prominent dance school in Nova Scotia, as it is the one who hosts all of the competitions. It was also the largest school, with three studios and 400 dancers, so I thought I'd give it a try. They started me off in a pre-troupe, doing ballet, tap and jazz with many dancers younger than myself. I was 17 at the time, and most of the other girls were 15, 16 maximum. Once you graduate high school, you don't normally continue going to LMSD, but they asked me to return next year and be in their senior competition troupe, called Control. Only the best of the best make it into that troupe, and we add lyrical to our repertoire.

In addition to dancing in Control next year, I am also taking my Associates in Jazz BATD next year. I have already taken Jazz Grades 1 & 2 and passed both with Highly Commended, Jazz Bronze with Highly Commended and Tap Bronze with Commended. I started dancing because I wanted to be more graceful, I continued dancing because I wanted to lose weight and stay in shape as a kid, and I dance now because I could not imagine my life without it. Dancing is my life and it makes me who I am. I hope to one day own my own dance studio, and be as prominent as Lauri Morash is with her studios, but before then I have lots to do. I'm hoping to travel the world and dance, to dance in music videos and just share my talent with the world.


 I love to dance for many reasons. It gives you a feeling of belonging for one thing. In a dance class, everyone helps the other as they strive to be the best they can be, collectively and individually. With dancing, you can express yourself in a way you normally couldn't. You don't have to be able to speak perfect english, you don't have to have to top math score and you don't have to know all the elements of the periodic table to dance. All you have to have is the passion, and it's the passion that takes you places. Dancing gives you a real sense of belonging and camaraderie with others you might not get along with elsewhere. In the world of competitive dancing, it doesn’t matter if you’re the prettiest girl in school, or the most popular, or if everything you own right down to your socks is brand name, because everyone wears the same thing. It’s a place to be able to showcase what is on the inside rather than the outside, and I believe that is the most important thing in a young person’s life. With dancing it’s not about technique, or perfecting the moves, it’s about what you feel when you dance and how you let it shine through. It boosts your self-confidence and gives you a better sense of self, which are two things that I value above everything else.

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